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Peeling Back the Layers: A Punny Guide to Exterior House Siding Replacement Without Losing Your ‘Exterior’ Composure 

Discover the ultimate guide to exterior house siding replacement. Save time, money, and your 'exterior' composure with our expert tips. 

Table of Contents

Tape Measure, Hard Hat, and Patience – Ready!

When exterior house siding replacement becomes necessary, fear not! We’re here to guide you through the process—the promise is to ensure you stay well composed and punnily entertained while replacing your domicile’s outer skin.

You may wonder why bother to replace your home’s exterior siding? According to the National Association of Realtors, not only does it renovate and add to the beauty of your house but nearly 76% of the project cost can also be recouped. Sure enough, siding replacement seems daunting, but remember, is less of an ordeal and more of an investment.

Vinyl Siding – The Charmer Next Door

Did you know that vinyl siding grabs the crown, being the most favored choice for home exteriors in America? The U.S. Census Bureau’s records show vinyl siding impressively covering nearly 30% of all American homes. Not only is this material wallet-friendly and highly resilient but it also comes in a broad spectrum of colors to suit every aesthetic preference. Its comeback is also linked to improved makeup and U.V. protection than its former versions.

Guiding the Path – A ‘Layered’ Approach

Replacing your exterior house siding is akin to reheating a bowl of pasta in a microwave—you got to do it layer by layer. A step-by-step guided approach will help you peel off the old skin, and wrap your house in shining new armor.

1. Assess the old painting: Take a close look, is the paint chipping off at certain places? Are there cracks or holes? This guides your shopping for the right siding material and in calculating the siding replacement cost.

2. Picking out the new material: This is a crucial step. Consider house siding types, from traditional wood siding and stucco siding to the modern fiber cement siding—which serve the dual purpose of adding to your home’s aesthetic appeal and protecting its structure.

3. Preparing the task force: Remember to gather all necessary siding installation tools and manpower. If you need professional help, there’s no shame in seeking it.

4. Taking off old siding: With your protective gear on, begin taking down the old siding until you are left with raw surfaces.

5. Installing new siding: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual carefully while installing the new siding. It is essential for ensuring a successful exterior home improvement.

6. Finishing touches: Paint it, polish it, fix the corners, and voila, you have a home that’s all set to show its composured exterior to the world!

Now that you know how to go about the task, choosing a suitable and durable house siding becomes our focus.

Bringing the A-Game – Choosing the Right Material

Choices are many when it comes to siding materials, with every option offering different aesthetics, durability, maintenance needs, and energy-efficient siding capabilities. Resist the urge to choose based on exterior gratification. Ensure your choice aligns with the climatic conditions of Orchard Park, NY, and is capable of withstanding the elements.

Wood Siding: The Natural Beauty

Wood siding, while lending a classic and timeless appeal, is not for homes in humid areas as they are prone to termites. However, they are a great pick if your heart desires a beautiful home with rustic charm.

Fiber Cement Siding: The Strong Silent Type

With the appearance of wood but the strength of cement, fiber cement siding can handle weather changes much better. It can be even more resilient when treated with a water-resistant coating. This is a great choice for homes in areas prone to harsh winters.

Stucco Siding: The Facade of Elegance

Constructed from a mixture of sand, cement, lime, and water, stucco siding offers great insulating properties. This is a popular option for homes in warmer climates.

FAQs, because we Care to Share

What is the most popular siding for homes?

Vinyl siding takes the cake by being the top choice for nearly 30% of all homes in the U.S, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Can house siding improve the value of my property?

Indeed! Exterior house siding replacement can offer up to a 77% return on investment as per the National Association of Home Builders.

How long does house siding generally last?

The longevity of your siding depends on the material. Vinyl siding can typically last up to 60 years, while wood siding may need replacement in 20 years.

Putting a Lid on It!

Exterior house siding replacement not only enhances your home’s curb appeal but also its thermal efficiency and overall structure. It’s less about the nicks and cuts and more about thoughtful investment. Remember, no task is too huge if done step-by-step, and humor keeps the pressure at bay. Are we ready to begin? Let’s roll out the new skin and revamp that resilient exterior!

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