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Storm Chasers: A Punny Guide to Exterior Storm Damage Repair Without Losing Your ‘Exterior’ Cool 

Discover expert tips on storm damage house restoration to safeguard your home and sanity during severe weather. Learn more now! 

Table of Contents

Brace Yourselves: The Storm Is Coming

Exterior storm damage repair doesn’t have to be a hair-pulling task that has you cowering under the bed every time you hear Mother Nature giggling—especially if you live in the United States where hail storms alone annually cause approximately $1 billion in damages. Better believe that’s a lot of exteriors needing some serious TLC! But breathe easy; our ‘punny’ yet highly practical guide is here to help you maintain your, uh, ‘exterior’ cool during post-storm damage restoration.

Wind, Hail, and Tornadoes: The ‘Tri-fury’ of Nature

Our weather can sometimes have quite a temper, and when it throws a tantrum, the damage can be monumental. Over a span from 2014 to 2018, wind and hail damage accounted for 15% of all insurance property damage claims, says the Insurance Information Institute. Not impressed? Consider the approximately 1,000 tornadoes that twist their way across the U.S. each year, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Yeah, that should do it!

Exterior Storm Damage Repair: Unraveling the Mystery

The First Look: How Bad Is It?

Once the storm passes and it’s safe to venture outside, it’s time for inspection. Play detective and find evidence of damage. Look for broken windows, damaged roofs, split siding, or any visible home exterior wreckage.

Calling in the Professionals: When You Need Them

If the damage is extensive, you may require the services of professional storm damage repair experts. They are your most reliable option to ensure a thorough and safe exterior home restoration.

Document the Damage: Because You’ll Forget!

As you survey what Mother Nature’s tantrum has left behind, take pictures. Documenting the damage will not only aid your storm damage contractors’ efforts but also provide substantial evidence when claiming insurance.

Exterior Damage Restoration: Taking Baby Steps

As you navigate through your residential storm damage repair journey, remember – it’s one step at a time. Don’t rush. The aim is to restore your home’s exterior without sacrificing quality or safety.

Temporary Fixes: A Stitch in Time

It’s wise to quickly fix minor damages before they become huge repair projects. This could be as simple as covering broken windows or plugging leaks.

Understanding Insurance Claims: A Necessary Evil

Insurance claims can sometimes feel like solving a Rubik’s cube blindfolded. It’s important to understand your coverage. If your policy covers weather damage repair, promptly inform your insurance provider about the incident.

Maintaining Your ‘Exterior’ Cool: Easy as Pie

There’s something truly empowering about successfully weathering a storm. It’s about remembering that even though the storm has rumbled, flashed, and poured, you not only survived but also restored what it had damaged. Exterior storm damage repair becomes less daunting when approached with a cool head and a sound plan.

FAQs about Storm Damage Repair

  • Question: When should I contact a storm damage home repair service?

    Answer: If the damage is beyond a DIY fix or requires professional handling like structural repairs, it’s best to contact a storm repair service immediately.

  • Question: What measures can I take to protect my home from future storm damage?

    Answer: Regular maintenance, timely gutter cleaning, trimming tree branches that overhang your home, and checking for roof vulnerabilities can greatly minimize potential storm damage.

A Final Gust of Wisdom

Exterior storm damage can test your patience and your pocket. But with a steadfast approach, the right storm damage repair tips up your sleeve, and professional storm repair services at your disposal, you can confidently put your home back in shape. So next time a storm rolls around, remember our guide and keep that ‘exterior’ cool! After all, you’re not just a storm chaser, but a storm conqueror!

Remember: “The weather will always change but with the right amount of resilience, so can we.”

From all of us at Cowan Construction in Orchard Park NY, we wish you a calm and restored home, no matter what storm you’re weathering.

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