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Color Me Impressed: A Punny Guide to Residential Exterior Painting Without Losing Your Palette 

Discover the art of residential exterior painting with our punny guide. Unleash your home's potential and impress your neighbors today! 

Table of Contents

The Invigorating Journey of a Brush Stroke

With a single stroke of a brush, the magnificence of residential exterior painting becomes vivid. In fact, studies by Zillow affirm that homes with black or charcoal-gray front doors sell for a staggering $6,271 more than anticipated. Imagine that amount of money trickling into your pocket simply by changing your front door’s color? This tidbit is less about the palette and more about the significant impact that a well-executed residential paint job can have on the value of your property.

More Than Just a Paint Job – A Makeover For Your Home

If you’re thinking about what to focus on while giving your home a much-needed makeover, look no further than exterior painting. While the instinct may be to concentrate on the interior, the National Association of Realtors found that 68% of realtors suggest homeowners repaint their home’s exterior before selling. This acts as a beacon, drawing the attention of potential buyers, and enhancing the curb appeal of your home. Here at Cowan Construction, we refer to this as a step towards reinvention, rather than just a residential painting service.

Paint the Town with Cowan’s Home Painting Guide

Welcome to our color palette where we provide you with a vast assortment of exterior paint colors, house painting tips and outdoor painting techniques to transform your home from drab to fab. Navigate your home makeover journey with ease, using our established DIY exterior painting steps reflecting years of professional exterior painting experience.

Step 1: Start with A Clean Canvas

Before starting your painting spree, the first step is to clean your surface. Dust, mold and crumbling paint can dampen your painting dreams, so start with a blank, clean canvas.

Step 2: Choose Your Story, Choose Your Color

The choice of color is the moment of truth. Are you going for sophisticated charcoal gray or a zesty tango-red? Perhaps you prefer a mellow beige for a more classic look. Whatever your style, remember the importance of choosing the right exterior paint.

Step 3: Quality Trumps Quantity Always!

While you might want to save a few dollars on that discounted paint, the quality of the paint is crucial for longevity. We suggest spending a little extra now on quality exterior paint to save a lot on future touch-ups or complete repainting.

Step 4: Paint with Precision

Combine finesse with precision for a flawless finish. Our exterior painting ideas at Cowan Construction include a mix of precision, patience, and the right strokes.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Residential Paint Trends

Trends are tricky, aren’t they? Just when you think you’ve caught the train, it leaves the station. But fear not! Our paint color inspiration and residential paint trends help you stay on point, offering an insight into classic choices that never go out of style.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I repaint my home exterior?

Typically, every 5-10 years. However, this can depend on the quality of the paint used, the weather conditions your home is subjected to, and the type of siding on your home.

Can I DIY my home exterior painting?

Absolutely. With the right tools, preparation, and research, you can embark on a DIY exterior painting project. But if you want the finish and quality of a professional job, you might consider hiring a professional exterior painting service.

Stroke the Future with Cowan’s Residential Painting Services

So, are you ready for a color burst that enhances your curb appeal painting? Rest assured, Cowan Construction is your partner in crime on this strikingly colorful journey of transforming your home with our expertly curated residential painting services. We’re ready if you are!


Why blend in when you can stand out? A dab of paint, a splash of color, and an array of stunning hues to choose from – the power of residential exterior painting extends far beyond simple aesthetics. Whether it’s boosting your home’s market value or simply reflecting your personality, let your home’s exterior tell a tale that’s truly your own with Cowan Construction’s professional and comprehensive painting services. Color us impressed, and let’s add some color to your world.c

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