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Home Sweet (Upgraded) Home: A Punny Guide to Residential Exterior Remodels Without Losing Your Curb Appeal 

Discover the secrets of a successful residential exterior remodel without losing curb appeal. Dive into our punny guide now! 

Table of Contents

Home Sweet (Upgraded) Home: Making the Most of Your Residential Exterior Remodel

Making a Splash with that All-Important First Sentence

In the realm of home upgrade ideas, a residential exterior remodel holds exciting possibilities. Now, according to the National Association of Realtors, 75% of homeowners report increased enjoyment in their homes and a greater desire to be there after such transformations. Bringing that dream exterior home makeover to life, however, can feel like a daunting task. Luckily, Cowan Construction is here to ensure your project runs smoother than a new coat of fresh paint.

Selling Stories: Your Home’s Facade Tells a Tale

It’s often said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But let’s face it, in the world of home remodeling projects, appearances mean everything. While we all love a good pun, there’s nothing funny about a home with decrepit siding, a faded roof or a dilapidated porch. Your home exterior design tells a story, and with the right choices, you can rewrite it into a captivating narrative.

Small Steps that Make a Big Impact

When it comes to residential exterior design, smaller can indeed be better. The 2020 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling Magazine revealed that targeted remodel efforts like a minor kitchen project yield a 77.6% return on investment. On the flip side, major upscale kitchen remodels only recoup 53.9% of the cost proving that there’s a lot of wisdom in those old sayings about ‘baby steps.’

A Step-By-Step Guide to Residential Exterior Remodels

Step One: Plotting Out Your Vision

All epic home exterior makeovers begin with a clear plan. Jot down your ideas and gather inspiration from various sources. Ensure your vision meshes well with the existing architectural style and the neighborhood aesthetics.

Step Two: Setting the Stage with Your Budget

Determine your budget as early as possible. This will allow you to make realistic decisions right from the beginning, eliminating any unwelcome financial surprises during your journey.

Step Three: Picking the Perfect Professionals

From securing correct permits to sourcing quality materials, a professional team like Cowan Construction can make your home exterior project a seamless experience.

Step Four: Timely Tidings: Programming Your Project Schedule

Organizing a practical timeframe will keep your project on track. Discuss delivery times, work schedules and potential unforeseen delays with your contractor ahead of time.

Step Five: Tightening Up with Finishing Touches

Once the main aspect of the remodel is done, concentrate on those small, final touches. These could include exterior light fixtures, outdoor home improvement elements or landscaping to improve your curb appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the best way to maintain my curb appeal after a remodel?

Answer: Regular maintenance, seasonal updates, and a keen eye for details can help uphold your home’s fresh, revamped look.

Question: How can a residential exterior remodel increase my property’s value?

Answer: Properly executed exterior remodels can enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase its resale value. In fact, studies show you can recover up to 75% of your remodel cost at resale.

Question: What’s the most important element to bear in mind when planning a remodel?

Answer: Ensuring your vision aligns with your budget is vital. Remember that smaller, targeted remodels often yield a better return on investment.

A Grand Conclusion Worthy of Your Remodel

Residential exterior remodels can truly take your ‘home sweet home’ to whole new heights of style and functionality. It’s about freshening up the old and making it bold, without losing that charm that’s made your house a home. Armed with these tips and guidance from Cowan Construction, you can turn your remodel dreams into a vivid reality. So here’s to a home exterior makeover that not only increases your enjoyment but your curb appeal too. After all, there’s no place like an upgraded home.

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