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Home is Where the Art is: A Punny Guide to Residential Exterior Renovation Without Losing Your Curb Appeal 

Discover the art of residential exterior renovation without losing curb appeal. Learn tips and tricks for a stunning home makeover. 

Table of Contents

Home Sweet Home: Unveiling the Canvas for Residential Exterior Renovation

Turning the key in the lock and standing in front of your home should always feel like the first look at a beautiful masterpiece – whether you’ve lived there for months, years, or even decades. Residential exterior renovation is indeed an art, expertly executed by the team at Cowan Construction. When done right, it can elevate your home to a new level of aesthetic sophistication and curb appeal with distinct traces of your personality etched neatly into every detail.

A recent report by the National Association of Realtors discovered that a majority of homeowners – about 75% – have a heightened desire to spend more time at home post the completion of an exterior upgrade.

Mapping Out The Curb Appeal Landscape

The first brush stroke in your residential renovation masterpiece lies in planning. In a study conducted by the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, it was found that top-notch landscaping could shoot up the value of a home by as much as 12%. It sends a clear signal: curb appeal improvement isn’t something to be overlooked.

Your exterior makeover should be a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Remember, with 63% of potential homebuyers likely to drive by a house they liked online, maintaining curb appeal throughout your redesign is fundamental.

Residential Renovation Tips to Swear By

When it comes to outdoor home improvement, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t quite cut it. A few broad residential remodeling ideas would be to pay attention to structural updates, refining details – think doors, windows, and of course, a stellar landscaped front yard.

Exterior Home Upgrade: The Step-By-Step Guide

Before diving into the paint can for your exterior home refurbishment, sit down and chalk out a plan – consider the existing aesthetic, neighbourhood norms and of course, your personal preference.

Step One: Decide on the Style

The first step of a residential exterior makeover is to decide on the style. For some, a traditional colonial design might fit, while others might lean towards modern minimalistic designs.

Step Two: Selection of Material and Color

Moving forward to the selection of materials and colors for the exterior facade, remember, your choices should resonate with the overall aesthetic you decided in step one.

Step Three: Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are individual focal points in the house exterior redesign. Considering energy-efficient options could add value while boosting curb appeal.

Step Four: Landscaping

Pulling up to the finishing touches, remember that landscaping plays a crucial role in amplifying curb appeal. Get creative – a neatly trimmed lawn, flower beds, and an attractive pathway could considerably boost the outward appeal.

Boosting the Appeal: The Art of Maintaining Balance

A fresh coat of paint, a new door design or landscaping might offend the aesthetic balance of your home. During an exterior renovation, it’s vital to balance new elements without disturbing the overall aesthetics. Maintain consistency and curb appeal enhancement hand-in-hand.

Nailing the Perfect Makeover: FAQs

How often should I consider a house exterior redesign?

There isn’t a strict timeline. When you start to notice visible signs of wear and tear or when you desire a change, it’s a good time to plan a renovation.

How can I retain my home’s natural charm during an exterior renovation?

The key to preserving your home’s character is to honor its architectural history while adding tasteful modern touches. Engage professionals who understand the balance between maintaining authenticity and adopting current trends.

In Conclusion

With the right mix of creativity, strategy and meticulous execution, home exterior renovations need not be overwhelming tasks. Keep in mind, your investment in residential exterior renovations is not just towards your home, it’s towards creating a haven where every day feels like unveiling an art masterpiece.


A great residential renovation is a balance between maintaining curb appeal and incorporating your design preferences. When managed well, the outcome of your home improvement project won’t just be another house on the street – it’ll be a home that tells a story – your story, brought to life by the master artisans at Cowan Construction.

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